Just a little promo video I made for myself.

A big part of my work on Chorus of Courage has been creating video content to accompany the songs; from short reels to full-length lyrical videos. The project is full of beautiful music and powerful stories of survival and triumph over the seemingly impossible. It has been an incredibly inspiring time in my life to be the visual creator for this project. 

Full length lyrical video for a song by Cindy Doire called Burn It Down. 

A video I created of my trip to Ottawa for the Chorus of Courage Show. 

Photography and video clips by myself and Jen Squires 

A mini lyrical video promoting the upcoming release of the song, Burn it Down, by Cindy Doire.

Mobile video to promote the Chorus of Courage show. 

Mobile video promoting the project and the first release from the album.

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